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Get three months of custom, impactful visual content in one shoot, so you can easily share your passion with your tribe. 

Your Personal Brand 

Your personal brand is a reflection of every facet of you: your passion, your interests, your character, your skills, your talents and your values. 

Your personal brand images give your clients a visual introduction to your brand, and speak many words about who you are and what you represent. 

People connect with YOU much better than they ever could with a faceless brand name. 

The Benefits of Personal Branding Images for Your Business 

The benefits of having a personal branding photo shoot include:

  • Having a collection of high quality images to use however and whenever you need to
  • The ability to easily schedule weeks worth of content, so you can spend more time away from your phone 
  • Enhanced professionalism, trust and credibility of your brand image
  • Increased engagement with your message, your mission and your insight
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Working with a professional who understands you, your brand and your needs
  • Create a great first impression to new visitors to your website or channel
  • FEELING AWESOME (cos let's be honest, everyone likes looking great!)
  • Showcasing your products and services in action with lifestyle story shoots!

Don't Worry Be Happy

All you have to do after our exploratory call and questionnaire, is bring your glorious self along to the shoot

If you're camera shy, don't worry! I have a collection of playful prompts and 3 years experience facilitating authentic expression to help you forget about the camera. 

Wear what you feel good in. If you wear what you love, that love and comfortability will shine through in your images. 

If you feel trepidation about being the face of your business, I invite you to connect with your passion, your deepest why, your purpose. In order for you to share that purpose as widely as possibly, you need to become ok with being seen. This might mean needing to move through some blockages. Its ok, I got you! We can do this together for the benefit of all beings, because your story needs to be told. 

So. If you're really ready to step up into your next level of expression, and take your brand into a greater level of professionalism to transcend the DIY look, check out the gallery below to see what you can expect when working with me.


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About Biomi' Photography

Ella Henderson, also known as Ella Ellington, is an Australian East Coast based photographer, poet, nature nerd, storyteller and artist. Ella is passionate about sharing the stories and elevating the profiles of value driven entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners and artists. In particular, those who's life mission focuses around social change, spirituality, sustainability, alleviation of poverty/inequality, ecosystem regeneration, environmental awareness or other socially enterprising endeavours. 

My goal is to provide you with a collection of high quality images that accurately reflect you and your brand, that will help you to share your message and  your offerings for maximum impact and engagement.  I provide a tailored service where I spend the time getting to know you and your brand, so that we can work together to identify your stories and capture the real you for maximum audience resonance. 


"I felt really self conscious about getting photos taken for my business - photos of me when my work is about others and changing the world. But Ella really connected with that part of me that loves the work I do, that part of me that is connected to my deeper values - and through the photos that part shone through. I look at those photos and rather than feeling self conscious, I feel proud of the work I do and way I show myself physically move through the world. Ella did a wonderful job not just taking the photos, but scouting out places and spaces that would suit - she made me feel comfortable and did a fantastic job!"

Lana Woolf - Sparking Change 

"Ella's personal branding session was so much fun. I was a little shy at first, so I laughed and giggled, and she got me in my playful zone. As the session unfolded we explored various elements and themes, some felt natural others not so, all held within a very safe, open container of exploration and curiousity. I'd recommend this service to anyone looking to level up, be seen, feel vital and ready to step into your next level of professional soul expression. Be bold and be seen! Thanks Ella"

Paul Daley - alushforest 

"If you are your authentic self, you have no competition" 

Setup a Free Consultation and Receive a Free Sample Story Portfolio

I don't work with just anyone. I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers who are socially and environmentally conscious and are VALUE DRIVEN rather than just in it for the money or the fame. 

If that sounds like you, if you know that your brand has a game changing, life up-levelling, impactful story that is going to create ripples of positivity in our world, please get in contact. I would love to find a way to serve you on your mission to greater awesomeness. 

Story Session Photo Shoots range in price from $699-$4999 depending upon the needs and requirements of your brand. 

Once you've decided on a package and paid your deposit, we will go through a consultation process consisting of a questionnaire, followed by a Zoom video conferencing call, so that we can plan and best utilise your shoot! 

Click the button below to receive, via email, a full list of my packages, prices and all further relevant information for booking a shoot, plus some great tips on utilising the power of story to grow your personal brand. 

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